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Liquid Screeding in Winchester
Which Floors Suit Underfloor Heating Systems Best?

When carrying out major renovations or starting afresh with a new-build property in Winchester, we advise installing underfloor heating for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Even if you’re not at either stage and would still like to use the system, retrofit, or overlay, underfloor heating can be installed over current surfaces. If you’re not building a new home or premises, our professional rendering company is on hand to help with which option would suit you best.

Andover Plastering offers our clients a range of plastering, dry lining, floor screeding, and liquid screeding services. Established in 2007, our plasterers share over a century of experience, proving their renowned abilities and dedication to their trade.

The Best Floors for Underfloor Heating

Buying a brand-new floor is not essential because it may provide a better heat source. Always choose what you prefer. After all, you have to live with it. Some floor coverings act as better conductors for underfloor heating, but whatever one you select, you’ll still benefit from its effectiveness and comfort.

Here we discuss the following:

Hard Surfaces

These are considered the best for underfloor heating, particularly stone or ceramic tiles, as they transfer the heat from the system upwards more efficiently. These are perfect for hallways, kitchens and bathrooms. Vinyl, linoleum, solid woods and laminates will also provide a decent heat source, with the timbers and laminates more suited to living and bedroom areas.

Bear in mind that some coverings, particularly wood and laminate flooring, must acclimate to the new underfloor heating system. For vinyl and linoleum, a fitted sensor can regulate the rising heat and prevent the surface from heat damage.

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets will still allow heat to flow upwards, but the effect may not be as favourable due to their thickness and the added underlay. That’s not to say they won’t work so, if they’re your preferred choice of floor covering for your Winchester property, you’ll still reap the benefits of having both warmth and softness beneath your feet.

Our professional plasterers at Andover Plastering recommend not using polyurethane or felt underlays as they may slow down the transfer of heat. Please contact us for other recommendations and advice from our staff regarding our dry lining, plastering or rendering company services.

Polished Screed Flooring

Underfloor heating will work remarkably well for renovations and new builds where floor screeding or liquid screeding has been installed and polished to a high finish. The screed is an excellent thermal conductor, so you won’t have to maintain your thermostat high during the colder months. These systems are only available for ground floor heating but, as we spend most of our days downstairs – for those of us who don’t live in bungalows - clients will certainly experience the cost-effectiveness of modern flooring.

Please let us know if you wish to visit any previous sites in Winchester or the surrounding areas where we’ve successfully conducted our underfloor heating installations or dry lining, floor screeding, liquid screeding and rendering company services. At Andover Plastering, our team of knowledgeable and committed plasterers will be delighted to escort you. Reviews and testimonials are also available for your consideration.

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