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The Benefits of Underfloor Heating Systems

We’re frequently asked about our underfloor heating systems at Andover Plastering Ltd, as clients consider them a viable option. For complete renovation projects and new builds, underfloor heating is an ideal heat source to install due to the emptiness of the property. Adding it to an existing building will cause a minor upheaval, but the results are worth it.

We install standard and overlay underfloor heating for our domestic and commercial clients and can incorporate the regular system into our floor screeding and liquid screeding services. Our qualified and highly experienced plasterers also carry out dry lining and rendering company services in Salisbury and the surrounding areas we cover.

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The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

The main advantage of this system is the heat distribution. Where its source is a standard radiator, the air above head height will become warmer than at floor level. In colder conditions, we’ll keep our central heating systems on longer to make the rooms more comfortable, even though much of the warmth floats around the ceiling. This is most definitely not a cost-effective solution to staying cosy.

With underfloor heating, however, the heat rises through the floor. It remains at a level that keeps the body warmer for longer, even though it’s emitting a lower temperature than a radiator. Whilst the systems may be more expensive to install initially, the overall savings will balance the books quickly.

Another point in its favour is the absence of radiators on the walls. This allows for more interior design options and makes wallpapering and painting much easier.

How It Works

Warm water is distributed through a series of pipes beneath the floor, and thermostats monitor the heat levels at various locations around the property. The system allows for a constant flow of warmth at a comfortable level rather than a rapid rush of heat into a cold room.

If installing underfloor heating at a new property in Salisbury, our rendering company’s plasterers can position it appropriately and protect it with a layer of floor screeding or liquid screeding. The substance will act as a thermal conductor, aiding heat distribution throughout the building.

For further information about these services and our rendering and dry lining facilities, please call our team at Andover Plastering.


When screed is applied over underfloor heating pipes, it’s essential to allow the mixture to harden and dry out completely before turning on the system. We will advise you on the proper course of action as the heat has to rise to a comfortable level slowly.

Our Winchester page outlines what flooring works best with underfloor heating. Whilst most are suitable, others will offer more efficient results.

Andover Plastering’s team of expert plasterers are on hand to provide advice and share our time-served knowledge about any of our professional services. As a rendering company with an excellent reputation amongst our previous and existing clients, we are happy to quote for the following services in Salisbury and the surrounding areas:

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