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We don’t just work indoors; our plastering expertise also takes us outside. Simply put, rendering is exterior plastering, another professional service Andover Plastering Ltd provides for our domestic and commercial clients in Andover, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Winchester and the surrounding areas. This plastered – or rendered - finish offers a smooth surface over external brick or block work, protecting these components from the elements.

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Rendering Options

Working in the plastering trade since 2007, our rendering company’s fully qualified and experienced plasterers offer the following range of rendering services and solutions for our clients:

  • Acrylic

  • K Rend/Silicone

  • Lime

  • Monocouche

  • Rough-Cast

  • Sand-and-Cement

  • Traditional Cob

  • Tyrolean

Acrylic Finish

It is a popular option as it only requires one or two coats, depending on the brand used. Acrylic render is available in various colours and, due to the substance’s components, the shade and quality should last at least a few decades. It’s quick-drying and crack-resistant, fully reliable as a protective cover for your Andover or Basingstoke property.

K Rend/Silicone Finish

The K Rend brand, or standard silicone finish renders, includes a polymer that allows the external surface of your property to breathe. These products are water-repellent and allow internal moisture to escape through the walls, reducing the chances of future damp issues. We supply this render in several colours, all crack-resistant and long-lasting.

Lime Render

With render consisting of water, sand and aggregates, lime was the binding agent prior to the introduction of silicone and acrylic. Completely natural, lime is experiencing a revival, with more clients preferring its organic properties. Lime rendering applied by our plasterers at Andover Plastering offers all the benefits of silicone or acrylic rendering; bear in mind, however, its consistency requires longer drying time.

Monocouche Through-Coloured Render

From the French term for ‘one coat,’ Monocouche is applied in a single application comprised of two passes over the surface. The colour is mixed through before application, and its formula makes it highly resistant to algae and the elements. The thickness of the Monocouche render will improve a property’s overall level of warmth, and the product is extremely long-lasting.

Rough Cast Render

This is a coarse pre-mixed gravel and render coating that gives an irregular finish to a property’s exterior. Its heaviness adds an additional layer of protection to the exterior of rural or more exposed buildings while also allowing internal moisture to evaporate through its layers. On a positive note, the additional gravel in the mix prevents shrinkage during drying.

Sand and Cement Render

A less popular method due to the introduction of modern rendering systems, this render comprises 4 parts sand and 1 part cement. Following application, the substance will dry with no flexibility, allowing cracks to form over time. Andover Plastering still offers this service for clients who prefer its texture and appearance and for repairs.

Traditional Cob Render

Another organic product, cob buildings, can stand the test of time. Made of a mixture of water, clay, sand and aggregates, the walls will adapt to changing temperatures, keeping cool in summer and warmer in winter. Cob rendering can give the impression of a handmade, totally organic building. Rendering company Andover Plastering will create a cob render from scratch to repair, replace or construct an entirely new surface.

Tyrolean Render

Named for the Alpine region of Austria, the Tyrolean finish refers to the application of Monocouche or sand and cement renders in quantities that result in a rough-textured surface. The process will protect a property from the elements and provide insulation but is prone to eventual cracking.

Depending on the selected area, some renders can be rolled onto an external surface, trowelled or sprayed. Where rendering must be applied by machine, our plasterers operate diesel and trailer-mounted pumps.

Andover Plastering will also remove all removed or discarded render and material waste for appropriate disposal, leaving your property in Andover, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Winchester or the surrounding areas perfectly clean and well-presented.
For more information about our rendering services in Andover, Basingstoke and the surrounding areas, call our rendering company on 01264 358260 or 07967 995685.

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