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Although considered a more traditional method of preparing walls for decoration, plastering still has its benefits in modern construction. By adding a layer of plaster to dry lining panels, the surface area becomes stronger and more durable, giving another protective barrier of insulation and acoustic defence. For properties with curved walls or archways, plastering will provide an extra layer of smoothness and fluidity.

Andover Plastering Ltd provides professional and highly sought-after plastering services to domestic and commercial clients in Andover, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Winchester and the surrounding areas. As experts in our trade, we share over a century of combined expertise, and we’re still learning. By keeping up with modern trends and new methods, we stay ahead of the game and guarantee that our plastering, dry lining, rendering and screeding services are carried out to the highest standards at all times by our fully qualified plasterers.

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A Brief History of Plastering

It’s not a new method of decoration; plaster used to line walls and floors has been discovered in archaeological digs dating back to 7000 BC. Originally formed by combining lime, sand, water and animal hair, the most common ingredient these days is gypsum, a mineral discovered in ancient Egyptian plasterworks.

Of course, we don’t just see this substance on walls, ceilings and floors. Think of the stunning pieces of art created over centuries using plaster. The Egyptians worked with it to make death masks, and the Romans copied original Greek marble statues using traditional plaster methods.

Our Plastering Services

As professionals in our field, Andover Plastering offers a range of plastering options for our clients in Andover, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Winchester and the surrounding areas. First and foremost, our plasterers will fully prepare an area before beginning their jobs. This includes ensuring any fixtures and fittings are completely covered and protected.
  • We specialise in the following:

  • Float-and-Set Plastering

  • Skimming

  • Standard Plastering

  • Traditional Internal Lath Plastering

Float and Set Plastering

Also known as ‘wet plastering’, float and set is a traditional style in which an undercoat of wet plaster is thickly applied directly onto a wall. The mixture usually comprises sand and cement and is known in the trade as a ‘browning’ or ‘bonding’ coat. When this undercoat has a semi-hard consistency, it’s scratched to form a base over which the ‘skim’, or second layer of plaster, is attached.

Float-and-set plastering requires a high level of skill, a proficiency Andover Plastering’s staff is renowned for.


Skimming is an ideal solution for levelling walls and preparing them for decoration. It involves adding a fine layer of plaster to the existing surface to create a smooth finish. If walls and ceilings in older properties are uneven or subject to multiple cracks in the existing plaster, skimming will restore them instantly.

Standard Plastering

The most common service we perform at Andover Plastering is to install and plaster over dry lining for new and existing domestic and commercial properties in Andover, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Winchester and the surrounding areas. Working with builders and property developers, our team of plasterers will ensure the interiors of new development houses are perfectly finished for decoration.

Traditional Internal Lath Plastering

This process, common in houses built before the 1940s, involves constructing dividing walls by adding wooden laths, or slats, to timber frames and plastering over them to create the finished wall. The introduction of plasterboard allowed this traditional method to die out but, at Andover Plastering, we can fully implement this system for repair and replacement purposes.

Should potential clients wish to view previous plastering, dry lining, rendering or screeding jobs before contract, we’ll happily escort you to various sites for your approval. Our plasterers always perform an exemplary service, guaranteeing our constantly recognised name in the plastering and building industries. We’re also listed on Checkatrade.
Call our plasterers on 01264 358260 or 07967 995685 for services in Basingstoke, Salisbury, Winchester and the surrounding areas.

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