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Liquid Screeding in Winchester, Andover
and the SURRONDING Areas

You may wonder why screed is positioned over a concrete floor in the first place. Is it essential? Not always. However, it provides a surface that’s easily covered and beneficial when used with insulation or underfloor heating systems. Concrete offers strength and stability, perfect for warehouses and areas of heavy footfall. Screed, on the other hand, offers a guaranteed even surface and finish. It won’t be visible once your chosen covering has been positioned, but the screed will have done its job by preparing the base in advance.

Professional plasterers, Andover Plastering offers complete floor screeding and liquid screeding services to domestic and commercial clients in Andover, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Winchester and the surrounding areas. With 100+ years combined experience between our team, we are fully experienced in laying perfectly level flooring in your home, premises or warehouse.

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Liquid Screeding

Our standard floor screeding is installed in a thick layer to prevent shrinkage and cracking once dry. In comparison, liquid screed’s components allow it to be spread thinly while maintaining its strength and durability. Liquid screeding has an advantage over the standard system as it’s faster to lay, dries quicker and can be walked on just 24 hours after installation – depending on temperature.

For clients who choose to have underfloor heating fitted in their properties, the liquid surrounds the pipes as it’s poured. This leaves no room for air bubbles and, due to the thinness of the screed, the heat rises through the floor faster and more efficiently. Andover Plastering installs both retrofit and overlay underfloor heating systems for our clients.

Latex/Self-Levelling Screed

Our liquid screeding is usually mixed with water but, by replacing the water with a latex resin, the finished surface is perfectly suited for thinner floor coverings like vinyl. This self-levelling screeding will easily cover all imperfections and leave a perfectly level top layer over damaged or poorly laid concrete surfaces.

The benefit of using this system is the shorter time it takes to create the perfect surface. The floor is cleaned, with all debris removed and covered in a thick membrane. If insulation is required, it’s put in place underneath this covering. Once the membrane is fully secured and the area watertight, our plasterers will position levelling tripods around the area. The pre-mixed compound will be pumped in and spread across the surface when everything is set.
As with all our services, we pay particular attention to any features or access points in your property, ensuring nothing is damaged or marred in any way.

Andover Plastering will provide all the materials required to ensure our liquid screeding services are carried out efficiently at your Andover, Basingstoke, Salisbury, or Winchester property. Once contracts are agreed, we’ll take care of everything, and we won’t issue an invoice until you’re entirely satisfied with our service and professionalism. Our plasterers will remove and dispose of old flooring and all excess waste, leaving your home or premises in pristine condition. We pride ourselves on our cleanliness and attention to detail.

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For further information about our liquid screeding services in Winchester, Andover and the surrounding areas, call us on 01264 358260 or 07967 995685.

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