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Dry Lining in Basingstoke, Salisbury, Winchester
and the Surrounding Areas

Do you have a large reception room that gets draughty and limits the personal space you can enjoy in your home? Or, in your business premises, are more offices needed to accommodate your growing staff? You don’t have to move to address these issues; the addition of a stud wall and plasterboards will solve the problem in no time. By creating the room dividers and attaching plasterboard panels to the timber frame, these instant walls are ready for covering and painting with minimal effort. 

Established in 2007, Andover Plastering Ltd is a small company of experienced plasterers. We are highly qualified in our trade and renowned for our exceptional plastering, dry lining and screeding services. We cater to domestic homeowners, commercial businesses, builders, property developers and local councils in Andover, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Winchester and the surrounding areas.

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Dry Lining Advantages

Dry lining has various benefits; most importantly, it’s economical and takes less time to install. Besides standard plasterboards for common areas, ‘aqua boards’ are moisture-resistant options for kitchens and bathrooms.

Plasterboards can be attached directly to brickwork or blockwork without the need for a timber or metal frame. The system keeps condensation at bay and improves a property’s insulation, making it ideal for those who value energy-efficient options. During installation, layers of insulation are packed behind the plasterboards and sealed in place.

Dry Lining Services

Professional plasterers, Andover Plastering offers the following relevant services to our clients throughout the areas we cover:
  • Acoustic Panelling

  • Dot and Dab

  • Fire Mastic

  • Fire Stop

  • Metal Frames

  • Stud Walls

  • Suspended Ceilings

  • Tile and Grid Ceilings

Acoustic Panelling

This thicker and denser panelling will dramatically decrease sound in your property – perfect for loud neighbours or areas where noise pollution is an issue.

Dot and Dab

A quick way to adhere plasterboards to brickwork or blockwork, adhesive is positioned in ‘dots’ evenly across the surface and the boards securely fixed in place.

Fire Mastic and Fire Stop

Using specialised fire-proof boards and sealant, we can install protective barriers that will protect your property or premises from fire for a longer period.

Metal Frames and Stud Walls

A more modern option than traditional wood frames and stud walls, these metal structural additions are fire-resistant and are not at risk from damp, rot or infestations.

Suspended Ceilings

Like dry lining walls in commercial properties, a suspended ceiling will conceal electrical, heating and plumbing systems.

Tile and Grid Ceilings

Another popular choice for business premises is ceiling tiles attached to a frame, which allows easy access to essential systems.

Fixing uneven walls with minimum effort and a low-cost dry lining is also beneficial if you’ve purchased an older property in Andover, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Winchester or the surrounding areas. While the character of a more organic dividing or external wall may suit some homeowners, others may prefer the smoothness and rigidity of professionally installed plasterboards.

For further information about our range of services for both domestic and commercial sectors, please give us a call. Andover Plastering’s highly skilled plasterers will be delighted to offer design and installation advice by sharing our vast knowledge and expertise.
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