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Dry Lining in Basingstoke
Our Rendering Company Asks: Should You Plaster Before You Move In?

Most definitely, yes! Even with our years of experience, our plasterers agree their trade is messy. It’s best to carry out our service on a blank canvas, but we understand this can’t always be the case. For repair jobs, Andover Plastering Ltd will ensure your possessions are perfectly protected if we can’t remove them completely before our plastering and dry lining services commence. As part of our rendering company services, we’ll cover all surrounding doors and windows, along with pavements and driveways if required. Our liquid screeding and floor screeding services occur in empty places but we always make sure any permanent fixtures and access ways are fully covered.

If you want to update the interior of your new property, please contact us to make an appointment with our plasterers and rendering experts.

Timing is Key

For clients in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas we cover who are moving into an older property, it’s worth noting any potential repairs that may need to be carried out. Some jobs can be done after you’ve moved in with minimal disruption.

Others, like plastering works, should be addressed in advance, such as the following:


Your surveyor will have noticed these and assessed them for structural damage. If they've passed inspection, a simple repair job should remove them quickly. It may be worth having an area completely replastered in an older property rather than spending hours treating each crevice. Andover Plastering’s professional service will do the job quickly, making your walls fresh and smooth for decoration.


Are any of the rooms too big? Would you prefer to divide one into separate areas? If this is the case, we advise having a stud wall inserted and completed before you move your furniture in. Not only will the new layout be ready for you in advance, but the carpentry, dry lining, plastering and decoration can all be done without any hindrance, with excess materials and builders’ waste cleared and disposed of. Where windows and doors have been removed, our rendering company services guarantee any changes to your property’s exterior will blend with the existing surface.


Uneven floors are common in older properties. If you decide to change the covering, you will present future problems. Once you remove old carpets and vinyl, you may also discover a damaged surface. By fixing these problems when the building is empty, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort later.

Our rendering company, Andover Plastering, offers our Basingstoke clients a complete floor screeding and liquid screeding service, guaranteeing a fresh new floor that’s level and ready for covering. Why not consider our underfloor heating systems at this stage of your renovations?

Damp Issues

Another point of interest your surveyor will have noted. Once any issues have been suitably repaired, the area in question will require replastering before decoration can begin. Ensure you’re completely satisfied that the damp won’t return before availing of any relevant services. You don’t want to be treating the problem again and again. We suggest removing a wider section of plaster around the damaged area to ensure no hint of damp is left behind.

Period Features

If you have broken coving, ornamental features or ceiling roses, don’t try to mend them yourself. A fully qualified plasterer or restorer can refurbish them properly. Experience in this area is essential to ensure the features are repaired and restored correctly.

For further information on the wide range of services we provide for our clients in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to contact us at Andover Plastering. We offer a comprehensive list of dry lining, floor screeding and liquid screeding facilities, and our plasterers are renowned for their professional plastering and rendering techniques.

Call our rendering company on 01264 358260 or 07967 995685 for more information about our dry lining services in Basingstoke.

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